Anurag Maloo

For The Love Of Mountains & Entrepreneurship

Anurag Maloo

A true devotee of the mountains, Anurag Maloo is the mind that believes in nurturing and supporting ideas that can help fix the complex problems in today’s society. He is an entrepreneur, a community builder, and a mountaineer who is on a mission to discover his truest human potential and help others in their journeys.

Anurag Maloo


Entrepreneurship + Mountaineering

“And that’s the journey I want to work on, to do something I have not done. And then use my journey to inspire people, and help them find their Everest, their ultimate purpose in life.”

A man of manifold interests, Anurag is an entrepreneur, a community builder, an ecosystem architect, an innovation and well-being coach, and a mountaineer. But most of all, he is an Orophile at heart, a true lover of mountains. For a large part of his life, he has taken inspiration from one of the most beautiful and mighty elements of nature, the mountains. Mountaineering reflects the journey of an entrepreneur. The significance of investing and training from the beginning to reach the peak. 

It takes one person’s determination to make a difference that will impact the lives of many. And Anurag believes that with entrepreneurship as a tool, one can climb the mountain of an idea that can bring change.

He currently oversees Seedstars’ operations in Asia-Pacific. He focuses on new business development and sales and manages large key accounts while building partnerships for impact to launch innovation programs within the SDG framework. For the previous six years, he served as Regional Manager for Techstars, the worldwide platform for investment and innovation, to expand, develop, and catalyze regional entrepreneurship ecosystems across APAC. He was the Happiness & Network Director for the first cohort of Techstars Bangalore Accelerator.

Anurag brings a wealth of leadership experience in creating inclusive startup communities and vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems across Asia-Pacific as a multicultural professional with experience in developing and implementing innovative strategies in the non-profit, public and private sectors, and international development across India/Asia. Anurag’s dedication to working in alignment with Sustainable Development goals comes from his love for nature and passion for bettering society. He can see how the emerging trends in technology may help find a way to solve complex world problems and create a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. He wants to pay due attention to the startups that are contributing to the UN Global goals to add more value to the mission.

He has completed impact journeys to over 60 countries across six continents that have taken him as far as South to the cold & polar deserts of Antarctica to far North trekking to the Base of the World’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest Base Camp (5365m) and Kala Patthar (5643m). He believes mountaineering is one of those activities that draw a great deal of attention and being an Orophile and environmentalist at heart, he tries to deviate this attention to the SDGs with everything he does. Guiding mountaineering-oriented startups is an integral part of his plan.

What’s common in all his endeavors is his drive to discover his and help others discover their truest potential. The vision in his mind is to fulfill his mission of improving the lives of people in developing nations by leveraging technology and entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurs and funding initiatives that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

With his 12+ years of experience in the social impact, entrepreneurship, and venture capital sector, he wants every entrepreneur to have the support and resources to bring their idea to life and reach higher altitudes of success, the Everest of their life.

SDGs of the United Nations

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

The Objectives We Seek

Sustainability in Action: Adventure and Advocacy

With our commitment solely dedicated to making society a better place to live, we aim to actively do the following:

Deliver advisory services for initiatives that contribute to attaining the SDGs in the areas of environment, innovation, ESGs, entrepreneurship, leadership, international development, nature-based solutions, adventure, mountaineering excursions, etc.

To participate, lead, guide, coach, and organize big adventure/ mountaineering expeditions, in creating awareness and driving action toward Sustainable Development Goals

To advocate for sustainability by creating awareness about climate change and creating leaders for advocating climate change, sustainable development, etc.

To promote and help in fundraising for other non-profit organizations, working toward achieving SDGs.